Xahab 02 Luxury Arabic design watch
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Xahab Calligraphy Design

Time is indeed gold

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The story of xahab

Fine art brings much more than simple pleasure. It stirs the soul and uplifts the human spirit. A state of joy and focus. Serenity amongst the clutter of life.

Incredible artworks adorn the walls of exhibitions all over the world, captivating the hearts and minds of all who come to wonder and meditate upon their beauty. But they forever remain on those walls.

With Zahab timepieces the art will never leave you.  
Each design is inspired by our individually selected artists and crafted to the highest quality.

Carry the healing and energy of beautiful art with you, wherever you go..

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Our items are exclusively designed to celebrate the art of Arabic Calligraphy.

In an era where one fleeting moment swiftly follows another, the diminished gold print boldly proclaims the precious nature of time.

Time is indeed gold.

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